LeBron James is the GOAT and game three proved it

The “Jordan truthers” have really started to lose ground over the past few seasons as LeBron James continues to do the seemingly impossible.

But there was a moment of glory earlier this week for the Michael Jordan faithful as James put out one of his weakest playoff performances in years, getting outscored by Kelly Olynyk – who played 22 less minutes – in part of a forgettable 11 point, six rebound, six assist night. It was really bad and he looked totally gassed for a guy who was playing just his third game in two weeks, as he helped breathe life back into the Boston Celtics.

However, this ugly outing actually helps prove LeBron James’ greatness.

One knock that these “Jordan truthers” always go to is the fact that James has always needed to surround himself with star talent in order to win. Ignoring the fact that this is redicilous seeing as Jordan went 1-9 in the playoffs – back when the first round was still best of five – before Scottie Pippen showed up, what are James’ All-Star teammates giving him?

They actually played really well in this last loss. Kyire Irving scored 29 points on 10-for-15 shooting to go along with seven assists while Kevin Love added 28 points on 8-for-16 shooting paired ten rebounds, three assists and three blocks. Both players were seen as “stars” before getting paired with James, but neither of them had even come close to leading a team to the playoffs. Now it’s clear that even when they both play out of their mind good, it still isn’t enough for the Cleveland Cavaliers to gut out a playoff win against a strong opponent.

The answer is simple. This team needs LeBron James to play well in order to win playoff basketball games. He can not have an off night because quite frankly, the Cavaliers are not a good basketball team without him.

He is the greatest. Ever.


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