Ice cold Rozier shouldn’t be in playoff rotation

Terry Rozier has shown the Boston Celtics a lot in his second season after being a glorified spectator during his rookie campaign.

But with the month of March coming to a close and the playoffs right around the corner, it might be time to get the 2015 first round pick back on the bench as a big shooting slump has lined up with the time of year that rotations start to tighten up for the postseason.

Rozier is shooting 29.1% from the field in March with just one game left – a home bout against the Orlando Magic tonight – and he’s knocked down just 25.6% of his shots from beyond the arc during this stretch as well. He did see a two game spike in minutes a few weeks ago when Isaiah Thomas missed a pair of games, but all Rozier did was shoot 4-for-20 between those two games and he hasn’t played above 15 minutes in a game since.

All signs have been pointing towards him playing less when everybody is healthy, but in the postseason this should be taken a step further and Rozier needs to be out of the rotation completely. Thomas and Marcus Smart both average over 30 minutes per game, so there’s really no excuse to not have a point guard out on the floor at all times and Boston has just been better when Rozier doesn’t play.

The Celtics are just 9-8 when Rozier plays at least 22 minutes on the season and they’re 10-5 when he plays under ten minutes, including a 5-1 mark in games that Rozier doesn’t appear in at all. Any extra minutes that Brad Stevens has to play with upon taking Rozier out of the rotation could easily be given to a player like Jaylen Brown, who proved that he could handle backcourt minutes while starting for an injured Avery Bradley and he also makes the lineup a bit bigger in the process.


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