We might owe Rajon Rondo

The Boston Celtics can’t keep the backcourt trio of Avery Bradley, Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Smart together forever.

All of their contracts will expire at the end of the 2017-18 season and each of them is well deserving of a big pay raise, something that won’t be possible to give to each one of them.

Danny Ainge will have to have to trade one eventually and hopefully such a deal will bring aid to the Celtics frontcourt that needs rebounding and rim protection upgrades. Maybe this trade happens before the deadline, maybe it happens over the summer, but no matter what it is still pretty likely to happen and that will leave the team’s third guard spot up for grabs.

That spot could go Rajon Rondo, or you could at least give him the opportunity to win it. This isn’t going to cost you anything at this point because his stock is about as low as it can be. The four time All-Star has been playing the worst basketball of his professional career with the Chicago Bulls and his reputation has also taken yet another hit after he destroyed the leadership abilities of current teammates Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler, who called out the younger members of the team for not giving it their all.

If Rondo “comes home” it doesn’t have to be a long stay. If Ainge trades a guard during the summer, he could start the season as the third guard while getting paid the veteran minimum on a one year contract because no other team in the league will top that at this point.┬áIt will be very easy to move on if something goes wrong, but Boston might owe it to Rondo to be the team that gives him that one last shot in the NBA.

What happened when Danny Ainge finally set his mind on trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett? Doc Rivers said he didn’t want to be part of a rebuild and demanded a trade, which is really something you never see from a coach. Rajon Rondo easily could have done the same thing but he stuck around while rehabbing a torn ACL and eventually accepting the team’s captaincy.

He gave the Celtics – good or bad – everything he had and that should earn him one final shot with them it was is a low risk move for Boston. You can even go into camp with 16 guaranteed contracts and cut him on the back end of the preseason if things aren’t shaping out well, just give him that shot.


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