Jimmy Butler sounds like a man who wants out

Jimmy Butler is pissed.

He and Dwyane Wade sounded off on the rest of their teammates after blowing a ten point lead in the final three minutes against the Atlanta Hawks last night and the window to trade for Butler has never seemed more wide open.

Those comments are harsh and yet Wade might have been even harder on his teammates. The two combined for 73 points in that loss last night and it sounds like both players have had enough as the struggling Bulls dipped below the .500 mark.

Maybe these comments will work and the Bulls will tear off a few wins. They’re currently holding onto the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference so the playoffs are well within reach and having this jolt the team could even see them slide up the standings a bit – as Chicago is only 4.5 games behind the fourth place slot that would give you home court in the first round – allowing the duo of Butler and Wade to spark a little playoff run.

But these comments could also backfire and cause the team to spiral downwards with young, energetic teams like the Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons and yes…the Philadelphia 76ers…to charge hard and get into the postseason. Obviously, we all need to watch the Bulls play a few games to see how everything shakes out but it does seem like the comments Wade and Butler made after the game last night had at least one teammate disagreeing.

If this Bulls slide continues, Jimmy Butler will be gone and the Boston Celtics will be the first team in line trying to scoop him up.

Get ready for the rumors everyone! They’re coming!!!



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